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25 years of experience in networking across industries, continents and material disciplines.

Pyro Technologies

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Pyro Technologies (PT) seeks strategic partnerships with organizations that have a compelling need and the resources to support a joint development into a project where the targets and market opportunity can be clearly defined. PT is able to offer a unique spectrum of experience across a wide range of materials, products, processes and industries. PT is not bound by a single-company approach and is able to ‘think outside the box’ to find genuinely novel solutions. PT has a proven track record of innovation and invention with over 20 major companies to date. The aim of strategic partnerships is to have the open information exchange and the freedom to explore viable  solutions to the client's material challenge. Finally – the benefits of success are shared by terms clearly articulated in a Joint Development & Commercialization Agreement


Materials Innovation

 Development of novel, fire  & thermally  resistant  composite materials

 Technology agency for  phenolic syntactic systems,  low temperature resins,    inorganic hybrid matrices,  etc.

 Project management for  specific material  developments/applications




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  • Mass Transit
  • Marine
  • Defence
  • Building & Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Security
  • Asset protection
  • Tunnelling
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